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Hot Water Services

Ezy Plumbing Solutions offers complete repair or replacement service on all brands of water heaters, gas or electric. We can handle all of your hot water needs. Water heaters installed by Ezy Plumbing Solutions comply with the most recent plumbing codes to keep you safe.

Problems can occur with hot water systems from internal rust, sediment build up, incorrectly installed water heaters or basic neglect. There are common problems or hot water repairs associated with hot water systems:

  • Slow hot water recovery due to sediment build-up.
  • Overflowing or leaking hot water tank.
  • The water heater runs out quickly or only produces warm water
  • Temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve is leaking.
  • Popping or banging noise coming from the hot water tank.
  • Discoloured water or unsightly smell coming from the hot water tank.
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